Grazer – A Junction of Art and Engineering – Lukas

Demonstration Jansen Linkage is reaching completion!

Although the actual linkage was completely functional last week, its only home was a vice grip. This week I made a cement form to stick a 4X4 post into, much more structurally sound than a 2×4. Tonight, I dumped 200 lbs of concrete into the form:


Accompanying the cement are two segments of rope and handles to “easily” lift the block.


The central axel of the linkage (picture above as the common stationary joint to the left and right of the crank shaft) will slot into a hole drilled about two-thirds of the way up the post. It’s glorious to see a project that seemed so sloppy and hodge-podge finally reach fruition. It’s kinda funny how excited I am over a big block of cement, I can barely wait to unscrew the form to reveal a wonderfully solid piece of cement. I feel proud of this project, even if it’s just the appetizer to the main machine.

Relating to the Grazer, I downloaded the free beta mac version of Rhino, a 3D CAD design software that will serve as the path through real world measurement, across drafting, into a computer, and out again into a tangible object. Pretty amazing stuff. Now that this demonstration piece is almost completed, I can have time to immerse myself into the CAD world.

One thing that is very important to me is design. Design is about half of the reason I am doing this project (along with the engineering component as the other half). Design not only allows me to express myself through the build process in itself (the order in which I work, handy work-arounds, precision measurements, etc., and what I can demonstrate in this blog) but also what Grazer will look like. One of my earliest design influences is an illustrator named Niv Bavarsky, his website is listed below. He also make beats to accompany his artwork on Soundcloud by the name of “neeev.”

Still working on ways to make this project really standout from Jansen’s… more to come on that next week!

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