A Rough Week – Liz

A Rough Week

This week has been a bit rough for me in terms of shooting outside and editing. One big lesson I learned this week is that I need to wear as much as I can next time I go outside to take pictures. No joke! Standing in the typical east-coast freezing wind for an hour was not fun at all. If it were not for the quiet and peaceful main building with fog-like clouds above it and the beautiful sunset at the lake, I would not want to step outside my cozy dorm room. The shooting process was cold and lonely, but the photos that came out warmed me up. Those four hundred beautiful photos were totally worth my running nose and numb hands. In addition to the severe weather conditions, I also had some troubles editing my photos. I won’t bore you with the details of how things didn’t work out, but somehow I could not import the photos into the software. I am currently still trying to solve the problem and I will hopefully figure it out soon.

The difficulties I met this week made me realize that being a great photographer isn’t just about holding a camera and clicking the shutter. There is usually much more behind an exceptional photograph. It is easy for us to appreciate and appraise the superficial beauty of a photograph but hard to imagine the effort the photographer has put into it and the hardship he may have encountered. I’m sure I will face more obstacles in the future, but only through them can I learn and improve to become a better photographer.

Here are the first and last photos of the two scenes this week:



and a picture of “behind the scenes”:


Until next week,


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