The Evolution of the Helicopter

From the whirlybird to the chopper, but most commonly known as the helicopter, this mode of flight has experienced a great of deal of evolution since it was first invented in 1939 Igor Sikorsky who’s family name is still in the business with an entire line of helicopters called Sikorsky. The use of helicopters varies from being used in warfare, to medivacing people in life threating conditions to a hospital, and being used recreationally such as sky diving or sightseeing. I am going to research the evolution of the helicopter’s design and its role in American life. I have a personal connection and devotion to conduct this project and that is I want to become a Coast Guard rescue pilot and fly a MH-60 Jayhawk. My research will consist of contacting a current member of the U.S. Coast Guard, Jon Burton, who I emailed this past week. I also am in the process of contacting the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, PA as a source and a place to visit and study the many models of helicopters they have on their property.

Besides contacting my two mentors, I spent this past week reviewing articles online and finding books in my school library to get a background knowledge on how helicopters work and events in their history timeline. The two links I posted at the bottom of this post were the most useful. The link to How Stuff Works also had many videos explaining and demonstrating how helicopters maneuver. This first week of basic research and contacting my mentors was to get a solid starting point in my research.

In the this coming week I hope to hear back from my mentors as well as start my research with the first helicopter design and invention and through the weeks working my way through the history of different helicopter designs and their roles. A few questions I have been thinking about is what I should include in my final project as a creative piece along with my research paper. I have been thinking along the lines of a video explaining different helicopter designs during a tour I take at the American Helicopter Museum, or possibly taking a ride in a helicopter and narrating a video on how the pilot is controlling and flying the helicopter.


helicopter museum photo

Front entrance to the American Helicopter Museum                                                                  “American Helicopter Museum.” Road Trippers. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2015. <;.

Please comment any ideas of questions you have!



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