The End of a Semester… but not Nannofood – Zach

And with finals, the first semester of my senior year comes to a close. Plans for the future? Definitely.

Although I will be continuing my independent seminar throughout next semester, I have still accomplished quite a bit this semester that I can reflect upon. In no particular order, here are a few of the tasks I have completed:

  • Successfully grew multiple phytoplankton cultures in both sterile and non-sterile environments
  • Attended the Thiel Foundation Summit in Las Vegas and met a bunch of awesome people
  • Joined the Catapult Incubator
  • Gained 5 new team members to bring Nannofood to market
  • Received two new mentors who are current MBA students at Wharton
  • Was published as the Mainline Student of the Week this week
  • Established a business model and target market
  • Progressed in research about the nutritional complexities of a phytoplankton food source
  • Received a Scientific Research Permit from the state of Delaware to collect and keep horseshoe crabs
  • Acquired adult horseshoe crabs and set up a 12-foot above-ground pool
  • I am currently preparing a 10-foot pool for a phytoplankton culture
  • The website is just about finished (it just has to be uploaded)
  • I designed and printed my own business cards (a small but glorious pursuit)
  • Completed my first horseshoe crab blood extraction
  • Obtained a 47-year-old German journal article about creating Limulus Amebocyte Lysate
A picture of me while bleeding my first horseshoe crab.

A picture of me while bleeding my first horseshoe crab.

That’s just off the top of my head. It has been quite a successful semester, and I am excited to see what comes next. I have a few plans, from finishing up the design and implementation of a 10-foot, 1100 gallon above-ground pool for a phytoplankton culture to pursuing crowdfunding and investors, setting up an actual facility and obtaining the required permissions to start selling a phytoplankton supplement. It is a thrilling time, and I am excited to bring everybody along for the ride.

Courtesy of; this is a quote from William Wilberforce, a British abolitionist who lived centuries ago.

My quote for this week is from William WIlberforce. I was speaking to a friend I met in Las Vegas at the Thiel Foundation Summit, and she mentioned this quote: “We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible… So we will do them anyway.” I feel that this is incredibly important because I don’t think anything is impossible. Impossibility is a result of societal structure and the stigma of something being impossible. If we don’t see anything as impossible, nothing stops us from making it possible.

Until next semester,


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