Updates & Struggles

These past few weeks have been rocky. I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of voices and emotion surrounding the non-indictments of officers in the Eric Garner and Mike Brown cases, and simultaneously bogged down in my college application stress–two issues from what seem to be two totally different worlds.  Over these few weeks, I’ve actually come to realize that one intersection of academics and social justice is the student.  Throughout history, students from all walks of life have frequently stood at the forefronts of movements for change in a multitude of areas.  Students initiated the sit-in’s of the 50’s-60’s, and –from Philly to NYC to Denver to Berkeley –continue to be a powerful presence in the ongoing protests today. This is fascinating when you consider the fact that people who might have protested in their youth could end up as the people being protested–and that those people, such as the beats, who in their time were were hailed for progressive visions, could be considered bigoted from a modern perspective. Past and present always seem to reconcile in ways that surpass expectations.

Now that I’m done waxing philosophical:
part of what I’ve been working on/struggling with has been an outline for the paper that I intend to write, after drawing together certain ideas expressed on this blog, and those cultivated outside of it. It’s been tricky to discern what information I will need to include from the information that I’m super excited about including.
The outlining business? It is slow. Like a sloth with a limp. And equally as frustrating.
But hopefully, my own ideas & message will carry me through without much damage. The hard part is nailing them down to create something cohesive.

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