Continuing to Fix the Printer- Casey

I want to start this off by saying that we’ve made a significant amount progress in the way of fixing the printer.  The issues with the print pieces adhering too well are in the process of resolving.  After tweaking some settings on the printer related to how close the print bed is to the bottom resin tank and adjusting the thickness of the base, we are hopeful that our next print will be fully successful. This means that we can begin to print and evaluate the current prosthetics along with the one’s we’ll model as soon as we get back from break.  The last major part of protocol to develop is how to do the materials analysis for the PLA and ABS from the extrusion based 3D printer and we are currently looking through industry standard protocols to see if there is one that can be adapted for our purposes.

Another aspect of the project we’ve progressed in is the conservation of print resin.  When prints fail, it is common for small pieces of partially hardened, flaky resin to be in the tank.  Whenever this happens, we now are going to strain the resin using a funnel and four overlapped sheets of wire mesh that has holes of about 1mm length and width.  The first time we did this saved about 20 ml of resin, so over time this will begin to add up to a huge amount of prevented waste.

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