Music in the Stars – My Amazing Peers – Anne Katherine

This week, as my work has been mush the same as the last and I have little to report, I thought I’d share some of the amazing work my peers at Westtown are doing for their independent seminar projects. 

I have full confidence that my friend Zach will one day save the world, literally. Over the past few months he has been working around the clock to make his independent seminar, a combination of business and biology a success. From what I understand, he plans to solve the world’s hunger crisis by feeding everyone phytoplankton. Yes, you read that correctly. Zach has been growing and cultivating tiny microscopic organisms that are, according to him, highly nutritious, cost effective, and lacking strong flavor. Along with this amazing biology research, Zach is also a business wiz and has been working to file an LLC in Delaware. Learn more about Zach’s super cool project here.


Lauren is an incredible artist using her independent seminar opportunity to grow in her photography, drawing, and painting skills. She uses a variety of media to capture people, botany, and more in a style uniquely her own. Lauren is working to prepare her portfolio for submission to colleges of art and design. Her work is inspiring. I especially love her water color portraits (see ‘Sara’ below) and her botanical sketches (see Orchid Study #1 below.) See more of her work here.


Orchid Study #1 by Lauren


Sara by Lauren  

Margot sums up her research in literature by the phase “Hipsters, beatniks, and romantic racism: subculture trinity.” Her writing is lively and engaging as she takes her readers through difficult topics such as racism in literature. On the topic she says,

“Romantic racism appropriates, but also assumes that the race (and/or class) of an oppressed people– whose culture is now being used to accommodate the oppressor–and the obstacles that those people face as a result of their oppression, are things that enrich quality of life. According to Mailer, the violence, drugs, poverty, and denial of personhood that defined life for inner-city people of color did not damage or limit communities or individuals, but enlightened and freed them. Romantic racism is when an oppressor has the leisure of viewing the outcomes of oppression as desirable, and their own privileges–which are denied to so many–as being burdensome. Mailer disregards the difference between high-pressure conformity and oppression: free-will. You choose to conform. You do not choose to be oppressed.” 

Over the past few months Margot has introduced me to a world of topics in literature and opened my eyes to issues and controversy that I may have otherwise overlooked. I look forward to reading her blog in the future!

Zach, Lauren, Margot all serve as daily inspiration to me and I feel so blessed that they are willing to share their work with the rest of us.

Until next time, keep seeking inspiration.

1 thought on “Music in the Stars – My Amazing Peers – Anne Katherine

  1. bowerslauren

    Anne Katherine, this is so sweet. Thank you for making my day, and reminding me about the awesome work we’re all doing.


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