Fixing the Printer- Casey

Last week we began the process of materials analysis, but we’ve come across some difficulties with the Form1 Printer.  The prints have been sticking to the print bed too well, a change from our problems with it when it was new of the prints not sticking at all.  We’ve contacted customer support and are eagerly awaiting a response so we can return to printing our test parts.

Last week we also managed to find the properties list of Form1’s printing resin.  Not only was this great because now there is half of the testing we have to do for analysis and comparison, it also gives direction on what types of procedures to use.  There are many ASTM-**** procedures, the last 4 letters/numbers indicating which property they test.  The most relevant to us are ASTM-D638, for measuring tensile strength, and ASTM D-256-10, for measuring impact resistance.

ADMET eXpert 2611 Testing Machine configured for ASTM D638 Testing

This is an image of the machine used for ASDM-D637.  As of yet we don’t know how we are going to find one to use or design a less expensive version that we build ourselves, but that’s also on the list of things to do this week.

In the following week I will be researching how to apply these methods to the other 3d printer so we can compare the PLA with the data on the resin provided by Formlabs here.

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