Mice, Morphine, and Other Essentials of a Mad Scientist #8

This past week has been a waiting game for lab supplies. Although I am truly eager to begin lab work, this span of time has given me the opportunity to do general research on P-Glycoprotein as well as read up more about the kidney and liver. There is not much to report in respect to progress I’ve made towards finishing the project but there is always information to be learned about the organs and proteins I am working with.

Taking a step back from the proteins and antibodies that I have been researching for a lengthy time, I was able to turn my attention back to the kidney and liver. This go through, I read more thoroughly and cleared up some of my confusions about both organs. I learned, in particular, about the bile duct system arrangement located in the liver as well as some structural details about the inner kidney. While I certainly feel confident in my knowledge of these organs, it is nonetheless useful to continue to study them more. Regardless of how much work that is needed to be done on this study, I find there is always work that I can be doing to further my knowledge about each facet of the study.




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