Expanding our Research – Casey

This week we had planned to meet with Joy to fit the hand, but the prosthetic we had ready to fit was knocked off of a table.  Although it only fell a few feet, several parts of the hand shattered.  The resin that the new higher end 3d printer uses seems to be much more vulnerable to shock.  Now we must look into working on a full materials analysis and comparison of the 3d printed resin vs PLA and ABS plastics that our other 3d printers use.  Tensile strength is probably the most important aspect we are going to measure, so we will test that for a variety of shapes, sizes, and densities for each material.

photo (2)

Here’s a picture showing the broken prosthetic, hopefully never to happen again.

As there will be some downtime involved with the repetitive printing process to come, we will continue to create and adjust models for test pieces as we learn what kinds of plastics work best.

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