Reinventing the Experiment


After the large-scale panic resulting from the discovery that the cytochromes I was targeting were not present in mice, I contacted the researchers and worked to find a solution. There were several options at this point: I could simply move to only focusing only on P-glycoprotein, a protein guaranteed to be present in mice, or I could search to find different metabolic enzymes involved in the livers and kidneys of mice. I decided to try and find more enzymes that existed in mice. The answer came in the form of the CYP UGT2B36. The ortholog of a human drug-metabolic enzyme, UGT2B36 functions similarly to the enzymes I was originally studying, but it actually exists in mice. I have also already found the necessary antibody for the enzyme, so it seems that I have recovered from the issues I had, and I will hopefully begin the experimentation soon.

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