The End of the Quarter – Zach

At the end of the first two months of school, I have made adequate progress. However, there is still much ahead.

Up to This Point

Since September, I have started growing cultures of phytoplankton; I have aqcuired permits for horseshoe crabs and the animals themselves. I have isolated a strain of phytoplankton. I have created a plan for the future of Nannofood, and I am working on the paperwork to file an LLC in the state of Delaware.


Phytoplankton growing in 2L flasks in our lab.

Phytoplankton growing in 2L flasks in our lab.

Coming Up 

I am in the process of redesigning my websites and building a Demo Pitch for Nannofood. In the second weekend of November, I will be at the University of Pennsylvania participating in the Ashoka Catapult Incubator, a program for high school students starting companies. I applied to this program in September and was accepted, and it will continue through March. The weekend after the Catapult Incubator I will be travelling to Las Vegas to attend the Thiel Foundation Summit, an event for entrepreneurs and changemakers under the age of 23. I am also currently working on a new nutrient formula for phytoplankton, and the horseshoe crab holding pool in the lab so that I can begin testing. It is an incredible busy but exciting future. I could not be more excited to see where the year takes me.


Motivation for the Week

From Rocky Balboa this week, I think this quote rings true for me. I have definitely encountered problems, but if I give up I will never become successful. My future holds promise, but requires the ability to persevere.


Until next week,


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