The Water is Always Greener… -Luke

Having only had two hours in the lab this past week, I am going to keep this post short. On Friday more of our equipment arrived in the mail: a protein skimmer and a heater for the horseshoe crab pool, raw chemical components of a new growth formula, and 2 liter flasks. With our newly acquired source of crabs, setting up the new-and-improved pool becomes a pertinent task. In a previous post ( I described a new, more thought out plan for a more efficient and healthy environment for lab crabs. Finally, the pieces of that plan are falling together. The protein skimmer and the heater are both big steps toward being able to host specimens in a happy and safe way before we drain off a portion of their blood.

Meanwhile, the algae cultures in the back room are eternally growing and thriving. Today we were able to effectively double our culture volume by splitting denser cultures into our brand-new 2 liter flasks. As culture sizes increase and our equipment needs are met it is only a matter of time before the serious work begins. Things might not be too bright and lively yet on this side, what with the majority of our work being research and small scale studies, but as they say, “the water is always greener on the other side”, and from the looks of it we are on our way over.

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