Defining a process – Casey

This week was cut short by a mix of senior work days and school days off.  We were able to finish the assembly of the current hand, most of which involved cutting bolts to the proper length, getting rid of sharp edges, and getting the strings ready to tie when Joy comes in for the next fitting.

Here’s a picture of what we have built as of today.


We weren’t able to begin the modeling of the next test prints, but the next week has a clear cut goal. By the end of this week I want to nail down the parameters by which I will be testing the new models, and I’ll also begin to plan how to test them.  Many of the articles I read in the beginning of year used specific testing points, such as activation force, grip friction, and efficiency of the prosthetic.  Some of the articles we are looking at for guidance on this next task are here, here and here.  Once we have the parameters, we can begin to design new parts to test out and begin to look at and fix some of the faults in our current model.

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