Mice, Morphine, and Other Essentials of a Mad Scientist #5 – Ted

In this past week, I continued to develop a working protocol for my research. The kidneys, livers, and lab materials that I will be using have not been ordered yet, for there are still some crucial areas of the protocol to further figure out. Specifically, I need to work on a feasible solution to extracting the proteins from the kidneys and livers.

With an unusual school schedule in between my last post and this one, it was difficult to make as significant progress as I had hoped at the start of this past week. With that said, however, the protocol is certainly taking shape. As of now, the procedures for Western Blotting and Gel Electrophoresis are nearly finished, leaving the protein extraction as a particular challenge. The difficulty in determining a protocol for protein extraction is that the cells we are extracting from need to be handled fragilely. For example, any slight variation on the correct centrifugation force could result in denatured protein samples.



Continuing with the kind of work I spoke about in my last post, I am scouring all of my resources for useable parts for a protocol. Now, however, I am able to limit my searches to protein extraction, as well as some more digging on gel electrophoresis. My research is now more focused than it was before, building momentum to finish up this protocol. With that momentum also comes eagerness to jump into lab work. I am excited to begin using materials to work on my project, and hopefully come out with results later in the year. Within the next few weeks, I aim to be working on the first steps of the protocol, getting the meat of this project finally underway.


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