Watercolor, Ink, and more: portraiture redefined -Lauren

facial study Ink and water Watercolor paper

facial study
Ink and water
Watercolor paper


facial study Pen and Ink


“Jesse” Charcoal

I started off portraiture with charcoal. Now, this is a pretty standard decision; charcoal is like water to an artist. If you can’t functionally draw with charcoal, you can’t do anything… Or so I thought. I had someone sit for an hour and a half, and frankly, the end product wasn’t all that bad. “Jesse” has nice value and a gentle touch, but I dont like it. You hear artists say it all the time – they don’t like their work. This is different. I don’t like it because I don’t like charcoal. It’s not a bad drawing. I’m not particularly gifted with charcoal, but Jesse’s portrait is still an anatomically correct portrait with nice stylistic features. So it’s not the work that I dislike; it is my medium.

At first, I made myself begin with charcoal because that’s what I was taught to do. Charcoal is the nuts and bolts of art. Yet, as I tried to make myself return to it as the basis of my artisitc revival, I found myself lacking the same enthusiasm I’ve had for other mediums. I’m not a beginning artist, so why force myself to use a medium for the sake of rudimentury foundations review? I decided to take another turn.

I turned towards watercolor and ink. I’ve never really worked in either, but it was lovely to create with something different. I think I’ve found myself so stuck these past few weeks because I continually try to return to the same ideas and mediums long after they’ve left my psyche. Sometimes it’s just time to move on. And so, I’ve started work in pen and ink (left), and ink and water (right). My watercolor is still in a beginning stage, so I wont post it this week. I’m excited to be expanding my horizons as I continue on in my art independent.

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