First Print of the Year – Casey

This week was a refreshing and exciting change from what we’ve been doing for the first few weeks. We met two nights this past week to be able to work in the Design and Engineering lab to bring the 3d printers back into working condition.  Our goal for the week was to print and assemble a prosthetic of the current model for Joy, one of the children we are working with.After some maintenance on the print beds, the Formlab printer (the best one available to us) was ready to go.  This printer is able to print at a much higher resolution than our other printers, and the surfaces it creates are also much smoother.  You can learn more about how it works here.  We imported the files for the pieces that we needed to reprint, pressed go, came back the next day to remove and clean the pieces.  Over the next two days we assembled the prosthetic and ensured it was in working condition.

We met with her for the first time towards the end of last year and we decided that because the model we have now is functional, we have no reason to not give her one now.  We’ll continue to work with her as we begin to design and test new models, but for now we’re glad to be able to provide her with something for her to start to learn how to use.

This week is sort of a strange one based on school schedule, but I hope to have one of the models for testing drawn in Rhino, the computer assisted design program I use, done by the end of the week.

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