Looking Forward – Casey

This week saw the completion of my plan of action for the first half of the year. Among several smaller deadlines that I’ll be working to meet, the main goal is to have a mechanically driven prosthetic hand by the end of January so that we can begin further development of a myoelectrically driven prosthetic in February. We hope to be finished with the background research and writing by November and to begin the prototyping, evaluating, and redesigning of prosthetics then. This may not seem like a big step, but as I learned from the end of last year, at the very least a rough plan of action is needed for continued progress.

On another note, I found some interesting research on the early engineering of myoelectric control systems here and here.  Both of these articles are about the development of myoelectrically driven prosthetics, noting the needs and the challenges of their design.


An image from the article written by Bart Peerdman showing the basic flow of information in the myoelectrically driven prosthesis

For now, they add another example of test procedure and design requirements for us to reference when we create ours. In February, however, these will be necessary as guidelines for the development of our control systems and prosthetic.

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