Accelerating Progress-Luke

This week we are really trying to move forward toward testing and trials. We’ve more or less abandoned our previous method of sterilizing water for the sake of efficiency and because the culture it yielded was no different then the non-sterile cultures. Because of the time saved by not sterilizing our water more than necessary, I was able to more than double the volume of the cultures we have growing. The more algae we have, the easier the tests will be to run.

Before we can begin testing we need to fix a few things:

1. We need horseshoe crab blood for toxicity analysis

2. We need a more efficient way to produce clean, pure water.

Luckily these problems have easy solutions. We bought a skeletal three canister water filtration system already, but the filter media that will actually render the water clean and safe has not arrived yet. And as for the horseshoe crab blood… We just need a crab to bleed.

Biding our time while the cultures grow, we must begin preparing and learning the techniques required to test the toxicity and the nutritional content of our algae. For this entire week I suspect we will be researching and learning how to do what we need to do. We’ve found and read several sets of data compiled by other people, but that isn’t enough. I firmly believe that we need to see it for ourselves and make our own data. On top of that, comparing our data with others will ensure the consistency of our knowledge and allow us to confidently back up our work. Though it may be a lot of work, it will leave nothing to question. If we are going to end with a marketable product, I want to know every aspect of the algae inside and out.

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