Dance to my Own Beat- Pieces Coming Together

I am finally feeling like everything is going to come together in the end because for a while everything felt a little scattered. However, each component of my project has been set into motion and has a direction in which it is headed. With the selection of the song for my contemporary piece, I have finally been able to nail down all of my song choices. I am thrilled with my song choices. I guess it took so long to choose the final song because I wanted to find a song that was perfect and that I had an instant connection with. When I heard it, I needed to it to be such that I could not imagine myself doing another song.  It had to strike an emotional chord and provoke an instant artistic vision. That song for me is Youth by Daughter. I found it while scrolling through recommended videos on YouTube, and as soon as I heard it, I just knew.

Youth by Daughter will be one of my vocal pieces as well as my contemporary dance piece. I have decided to use the original instrumental track instead of creating my own because the majority of the instrumentation is drums and I do not play the drums. But the drums are a necessary part of the song crucial to all the sharp accented moves I want to incorporate into my contemporary dance. My ballet dance will be to a beautiful piano piece entitled Aria written by Giovanni Allevi. I choose Aria because not only is it an effortlessly beautiful piece of music but even without words, it is able to tell a story. My tap piece will be performed a Capella which means that I will be dictating the rhythm with my taps instead of trying to fit taps to a song. This will give me more creative freedom and room to explore, integrating different rhythms, movements, and body parts to create the musical as well as the visual components of the dance. The final piece will be a lyrical dance to my vocal/piano cover of Coming Home by Skylar Grey. Coming Home is an emotional song with flowing instrumentation that will work perfectly with a lyrical dance. I am incredibly satisfied with my final choices and I cannot wait to work more in depth on them and start planning the visual aspect of the music videos.

Speaking of music videos, I have contacted my family friend who works in video production and gotten him on board with helping me shoot the videos. I have yet to solidify a timeline and what not, but knowing that I finally have a handle on that aspect of my project makes me relieved. The video and sound recording is the aspect I am least familiar with and therefore it troubles me the most, but now it seems like it is all going to work out. Even though the video makes me the most nervous, it also makes me the most excited because it is something that I have never experienced before. I cannot wait to start filming.

1 thought on “Dance to my Own Beat- Pieces Coming Together

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Shannon, I listened to both the vocal pieces on Youtube. What great selections. I will look forward to your interpretations of these different similar songs. Interestingly, if you only listen to the first minute of each you think you have variations on a theme and then they go in very different directions. I wonder about how you will order the four pieces for your video. Three of the pieces are fairly lyrical and melodic and then you will have a percussive tap piece.


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