The Sound of Westtown – Lili

Great news everyone! The first episode will be up by next Wednesday evening on Soundcloud! I have recovered from my loss of information and crazy schedule this week and will continue editing until Tuesday afternoon. I’m taking what I have right now and cutting it down to manageable pieces, changing the sound levels, and attempting to find a good background noise elimination software.  So far this is how it looks,

Screenshot (6)

One of the hardest things about making something is its name. The name is what you want people to remember. It has to be simple and easy to remember. While I am not creating a truly marketable product, I still had trouble coming up with one. In the meeting with my mentor this week he asked me what I was going to call it and I had no clue. I had thought about it since April, but nothing seemed to fit it. But, when talking about doing voiceovers, he just pulled a name out of his head, which just made so much sense to me. The Sound of Westtown. It just sticks, considering that most of what I have is bundles of sound from walking around here.

As I am ready to release my first work, I learned that the staff of This American Life was beginning a spinoff podcast called Serial.


(via the This American Life blog)

They are set to release the first two episodes on October 3rd. I am so very excited to see how similar and different the reporting styles and show are from TAL. I love that they’re beginning something new at the same time I am. I am truly inspired by the TAL and NPR staff worldwide, as they get to do every day what I hope to accomplish. I honestly can’t wait and am so excited!

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