What is a Podcast? – Lili

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I’ve gotten this question a lot. The simple answer for me, is that a Podcast is a regularly released audio or video series. I plan to release regularly, though not on the original schedule. In the email I originally sent out, I wanted to let the community know what I was trying to do this semester. Sadly, it never really reached the new students, which was a real bummer. Still, I really value the support i received from those who read it and I’ve already gotten a lot of student participation. I’m still very nervous about sharing my work, but being able to do it in this community makes it a bit easier.

In the email I made what I was doing sound easy and fun. Sadly, most of it hasn’t yet. So far I’ve deleted a whole week’s work and half of my saved sounds along with confusing my computer to the point of freezing and contracting a cold so deadly, anything I record of my own voice in the next week will be reminiscent of the voices of zombies in World War Z. Still, I am determined to finish what I started and people should be expecting the first episode within about a week, due to interesting events next weekend. All episodes in the future will be uploaded to my Soundcloud for everyone to hear.

Through my sickness I’ve been sitting in bed catching up on podcasts. Listening to old ones, I’ve found some of my favorites that I highly recommend. If you have a minute, a long drive, or just in a sea of procrastination, these are all recommended and I find them to be super entertaining.

Original Recipe – The first half of this episode tells the history of Coke and it’s recipe.

Middle of the Night – Stories of those who are up while we’re all asleep

Privacy – a recent episode on data storage and internet privacy

Ticket Prices – why does going to a movie cost so much?

Though not related, I mentioned last week that I was a big fan of Ira Glass and his show, This American Life. Last year I got the privelidge to go see his live show, which combines radio and dance. I know, it sounds odd, but it was amazing.

02BARNES1-master675 via the New York Times website

Recently the NY Times published an article about the collaboration. Since many won’t get to see it, I suggest reading it.

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