Music in the Stars – Inspiration – Anne Katherine

Early this week, with the help of T. Victoria in the library, I found an online student science journal called the National High School Journal of Science. High school students from all over the country submit research to the journal to be reviewed by staff and peer editors and potentially published in on of the journal’s biannual issues. Subjects range from biology to environmental science to physics and the writing is as engaging as the research is fascinating. Their work has inspired me.

After spending a few days reading articles criteria for submitting original research I have decided to write my research paper with the intention of submitting it to this journal. I made fast progress this week and have progressed from an outline to my current position of being five pages into the paper with the first section, introduction, complete and the second, method, close to complete. It has been interesting writing a research paper based on my own work and not the work of others. One of the biggest challenges that I am facing is to write in a detached way stating only the facts. Music in the Stars has been a central part of my life for the past few months and I have found that I am inclined to write in the first person, about what I have done. However, I am glad for the challenge as I believe that writing this paper will make me a stronger nonfiction writer and student as a whole.

Here is a snippet of the method section of the paper:

“Figure 2 shows the graph of observed wavelength vs. flux, the quasar spectrum. The Ly-a forest is the labeled part of the spectrum where the intergalactic medium has absorbed some of the light from the quasar. The green line illustrates the quasar continuum, the estimated intensity and wavelength of the quasar without the absorption of the intergalactic medium.” (Image credits: Dr. Khee-Gan Lee, Max-Plank Institut für Astronomie)

Screenshot 2014-02-21 17.39.11

Along with the research paper I have also been doing quite a bit of writing about the project for college essays. In doing this I have gained interesting perspective on my work and my process. For example, in an essay I wrote about failures I came to realize that while I feel that I have come across many small bumps along the way in my research, all of the small bumps have added up to create a big picture success. I think that maybe I find it a bit too easy to write fluidly about Music in the Stars, that particular essay has a 650 word limit and was over 2,000 upon completion. Ah well, I believe that it is always better to write too much than too little.

Until next time, I better get back to writing! Cheers!

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