Music in the Stars – Starting Fresh – Anne Katherine

As I dove into my work this week I focused on looking at what I had done last semester with a new perspective after taking a three month, much needed break for summer vacation.

In beginning my work with much different goals than last semester, I have come to realize that it will be necessary for me to have a mentor who is well versed in music theory. Granted, I have played the violin practically since I could walk, however, I have quickly discovered that being able to read sheet music is entirely different than writing and editing your own composition. I am searching for a mentor in a variety of places; from the vibrant Westtown alumni community to the music faculty at West Chester University, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to find someone that I will be thrilled to work with.

Today I began to draft an outline for the research paper I am planning to write this semester. While I have written research papers before they have never been on my own work. I have a feeling one of the most challenging parts of the paper for me is going to be writing in an unbiased manner as the project is so close to my heart. I believe that I am going to use parts of my review paper on the Lyman Alpha Forest that I wrote in the spring for my Chemistry 2 class. 

As I wrote in my letter to T. Margaret entitled, How Will I know if I’ve Been Successful,
“As is clear all of my goals are intrinsically intertwined and (some) will combine to allow me present my findings to the school and others. While I have many goals for the semester I will be content, if not totally satisfied, as long as I learn a lot and perform to the best of my abilities. I’m looking forward to getting into my work this semester.”

Until next time, have a lovely early fall weekend!


Image citation: 

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