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Death of a Crab-Luke

Part 1: Death

Up to this point the project has gone without a hitch. Lately though certain setbacks in organization and preparedness have reared their ugly heads. As my lab partner and I chug along with the phytoplankton maintenance and our precious horseshoe crab, we notice that mollusks that have Continue reading

Straight to the Source – Casey

As I continued my research, I realized that the useful articles I was coming across were all coming from the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, so instead of continuing to dig through articles on a general scientific search engine, I went to the JRRD’s website and began to look there.   The two types of articles I found an abundance of were research on improving the control systems for myolectrically controlled prosthetics and on different materials or finger designs to improve grip. Continue reading

Dance to my Own Beat- Pieces Coming Together

I am finally feeling like everything is going to come together in the end because for a while everything felt a little scattered. However, each component of my project has been set into motion and has a direction in which it is headed. With the selection of the song for my contemporary piece, I have finally been able to nail down all of my song choices. Continue reading

The Larger Goals of the Study of Addiction


While it is important to understand the fine points of the research I am doing, it is also essential to understand the long-term goals of the research. I met with the head of the mice research this past week at the Coatesville department of Veteran Affairs.

The Coatesville VA

Continue reading

Mice, Morphine, and Other Essentials of a Mad Scientist #3 – Ted

As mentioned in my last post, I was able to visit the lab of the researchers I am working with this past week. The researchers, Tom and Heather, work at the Coatesville VA Medical Center. The lab itself was interesting for me to see. At school, it is sometimes difficult to understand that my work could lead to real-world impact; I am used to labs and demonstrations in classrooms that are solely for education purposes. Seeing this lab, however, gave me a stronger grasp on the realness of my research and future work. Continue reading

Kerouac’s “The Subterraneans”


The past two weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of text. I’ve delved into Kerouac’s The Subterraneans, and admittedly, I am already suffering from shortness of breath. This is due to Kerouac’s syntax-less free-verse, which runs thick with ego and thin with message; leaving me in a state of mental asphyxiation as I attempt to parse out plot amidst his ceaseless, uninterrupted tides of “suave-sad-boy-saint” soliloquy. Continue reading

Nanno Model – Zach

This week, I will be explaining the business model for Nannofood. Because the target market is underdeveloped and impoverished areas, the production and distribution model make waves in terms of the feasibility of the project.

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