Music in the Stars – Wrapping Up – Anne Katherine

Yesterday I presented my first semester’s worth of work on Music in the Stars. I think that it went very well and there were many thought provoking questions asked as well as some interesting suggestions for making the project better. Gabriele has two intriguing suggestions, the first being to use intensity values in correlation to volume. I will definitely look into doing this next semester however, I expect that programming wise it will be difficult as I would be working with two input variables as opposed to just one. The other suggestion Gabriele had is to use the tones I’ve generated to compose a piece of music by myself. While this is interesting, it is unlikely that I will go this route as almost every note is represented in the three octave range for Data Set 1 and half octave range for Data Set 2.

Along with explaining me process I also laid out my overarching goals for the project. They are as follows:

– To harmoniously combine the fields of Music Theory and Astrophysics

– To learn how to work through the challenges of independently conducting a research project

– To be able to fearlessly reach out to those in the astrophysics community for help and guidance

There is a very good chance that this will be my last blog post of the semester as next week I have a ton on my plate in terms of wrapping up this semesters work. Next week I have to: write an annotated bibliography, write a rubric for T. Margaret’s evaluation of my presentation, and write a self reflection on the work that I have done.

In other news the camelopardalids meteor shower is tonight which I am very excited to watch. The dilemma? Do I go to bed then wake up at 2 am to watch or do I not go to bed and stay up until the shower is over? Decisions decisions. Anyway, until next time – happy sky watching! 

A pircture of the camelopardalids meteor shower in 1966:


Image credit:


One thought on “Music in the Stars – Wrapping Up – Anne Katherine

  1. Carrie Brodsky

    Anne Katherine,
    Thank you for inviting me to your presentation last week. After reading your blog all semester, it was great to hear you synthesize and present your work. Thanks for being bold enough to describe your challenges as well as your successes. That’s the mark of of true researcher, I think. T Carrie


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