Music in the Stars – Reflection – Anne Katherine

As I began to prepare for my presentation next Wednesday I was surprised to find that it was more difficult than I expected to describe my process. At first I had trouble with drudging the content from my memory and spent the beginning of the week in reflection of the semester and what I have achieved. I have now split the presentation up into six parts, the first being my overarching goals for the project which are as follows: 

– To harmoniously combine the fields of Music Theory and Astrophysics.

– To learn how to work through the challenges of independently conducting a research project.

– To be able to fearlessly reach out to those in the astrophysics community for help and guidance. 

Next, I plan to give a brief background on the astrophysics driving the project staring with describing absorption lines and ending with defining the Lyman-alpha forest. In the third piece, which is the most interesting to me I will talk about the two data sets I have used and show pictures and give information about the quasars they come from. Then I go into my use of CodePen and creating sound, at which time I will play the CodePen tracks. After that I will talk about the frustrating process of creating sheet music and finally, my goals in continuation of the project. 

While once I the ball rolling it was not too challenging to put the presentation together I believe that the reflection I was forced to do in order to get started was valuable and obviously needed. 

Until next time, cheers! 

On an unrelated note, NASA’s astronomy picture of the day is very cool and is entitled Voyager’s Neptune.Image


Image citation: “Astronomy Picture of the Day.” Astronomy Picture of the Day. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2014.

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