Music in the Stars – Software Troubles – Anne Katherine

This past weekend I watched Star Trek for the first time so I guess you could say I’m on my way to becoming a Trekkie, I am not however, a techie. This has posed quite a problem in my last week or so of research as I am now at the point that I would like to begin creating sheet music from the tones generated by the Ly-a data, a process which requires a broad knowledge base in software. 

Its not all bad news. I have found a very cool application for my computer which will allow me to turn MIDI files into sheet music quickly and easily. The problem is turning the .zip files I have now into MIDI files. Yesterday, after many youtube tutorials and a lot of frustration, I finally decided it was time to call in some help. I emailed Edward Ball of as well as T. Mike Duffey  inquiring about the best way to transform my files into MIDI format. 

With only about one month until I present this project to my mentor, Gabriele and my advisor, T. Margaret I have two goals for my presentation. A.) Be able to present sheet music for my three sets and B.) present my project in a succinct and relevant way that conveys the work that I have done over this semester. I plan to apply to the independent seminar course again next semester with goals of writing a formal research paper on my findings, playing the sheet music I have created on my violin, and prepare to present my project to the student body and possibly others. 

Until next time, live long and prosper. 




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