Fermilab Week1

I arrived at Chicago in the evening of March 7th and started my senior project the following day. Though it was my second visit to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, I was still amazed by the unique characteristics the lab reveals. It was the home of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator and was once the center of particle physics research. With that powerful an accelerator, the lab has an area about 10.5 squared miles and is mostly occupied by wild lives including bison and Canadian geese.buffalowilson.hall.10 The more I observed the lab, more connections between particle physics and environment embedded in the core value of the lab can be found. Just as described by the website, the buffalo herd “carries on a tradition begun by Robert Wilson, the Laboratory’s first director, to recognize and strengthen Fermilab’s connection to our prairie heritage.”

Having observed beautiful scenery, I stepped into the famous Wilson Hall and began my first week of work. I spent the first two days dealing with loads of paper works that later granted me the Internet privilege, email account and account for lab desktops and access to Fermilab as a visitor along with a photo ID. I also took the safety course that instructed me to react in various situations in different locations. These guidelines include meanings of labels, extensions for security incidents and for radiation leakage, and introduction to my supervisor and senior safety officer.

The atrium

The atrium

I was assigned a week-long project on Wednesday to decrease the size manifolds that hold the detecting sensors. The size reduction of the supporting material allows a better data feedback since more accelerated particles will be absorbed by sensors and not by the frame per se. I started the project with measuring the dimensions within the original 3-dimensional Computer Aided Design file. After having an understanding of the internal layout of the manifold, I received a new internal design depicted by Ph.D. Nicholas A. Pohlman. With the new layout, I was able to draw the lateral view of the modified version of the manifold and the design was approved by my supervisor.


Lateral measurements of the manifold
The final design of manifold (in lateral view)

The final design of manifold (in lateral view)

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