My interest in physics and intention of this project

The inception of my passion for physics can be traced back to an astronomy class I took in primary school that introduced me to constellations, Greek mythology, planets, and astronomical phenomena. I was fascinated by these topics but I was most interested in various theories that exceeded the boundary of imagination and subverts my understanding of the world. For instance, fascinating mysteries such as the big bang theory and black hole model initiated my curiosity.

During my junior year inspired by Physics 2 class I was taking with T. Larry, I read Does God Throw Dice?, a book written by Tianyuan Cao, who elaborated the progression of some of the most convoluting theories through vivid comparison and visual illustrations. Starting from the basic electromagnetism, he gradually developed the path to novel notions like quantum entanglement and its application. Offering rudimentary knowledge of modern physics, it was the first book that provided me with detailed and conclusive updates regarding cutting edge theories such as quantum tunneling and wave function collapse. The explanations of these theories revealed the quirky characteristics of the minute world. For example, the cloud of statistics dominates the world of quantum physics. These fascinating descriptions of the quantum world initiated my curiosity for the fundamental building blocks and forces that are exclusive to the bizarre and yet captivating field.

To pursue my passion and to see physicists at work, I have contacted a Westtown alumnus who graciously offer me the opportunity to work alongside with him and his colleagues at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois during my senior project time and spring break. The specific project with which I will be working, named the Muon g-2 experiment, will be one of the most cutting-edge experiment at Fermilab that compares and collates data gathered from Brookhaven National Laboratory. Though the data-gathering process will not fully start in two years and I will be working mainly to mount and calibrate the apparatus that will be used in the future, I do not want to miss the opportunity to develop my insight in particle physics while shadowing and working with the greatest minds in the world.

Ergo, I want to utilize the time to enrich my experience during my senior project by building a solid foundation in modern physics. Specifically, I not only seek to understand terms and ideologies in the realm of particle physics better, but also look forward to explain the abstract concepts in my own words. I thus hope this independent project opportunity, which builds upon my senior project, will serve as a platform where I will be able to extend my interest in physics to the school community as well as to continue my exploration of novel theories in the field. Though the documents given by my mentor are abstruse, I look forward to comprehend the ideology using various resources online. To ensure the obscure knowledge can be understood by the general audience in a comprehensible language, I will interpret the concepts with comparisons to Newtonian physics and to daily objects.

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