Change in Plans – Taylor

This past week, I tried writing the next five pages to my novel and found that not only was I struggling to get through the first page, but that I was in fact, stuck. Why? One would think writer’s block, which many people have come up with various solutions to. But soon, I realized that the problem wasn’t as much of a mental block as it was a chink in my plan. With everything that I’ve learned during the previous semester, a lot of my ideas have changed and the original book outline I had upon starting this journey doesn’t match the final piece I submitted in December. Now that I understand my writing is going in a different direction than expected, I need to take some time to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate how my characters fit into the plot of my book.

So what’s the end result?

A change in plans. Instead of moving forward in my book, my mentor and I have agreed to give my bigger project a rest and to try something new. During this semester, we will be working on shorter exercises and sketches that will be helpful to me in writing beginnings, middles, and ends. With every exercise I try, I plan to share my experience and encourage other writers to try them as well. Just like everything else in life, practice makes…better (There is never perfection in writing!).

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