Plugging Away – by Emma

Coming out of my previous mishap with my work, I am starting to push on a bit stronger. The work that I missed over those two weeks did seem like a lot at first, but after consulting with my mentor and examining it throughly, I have been able to make some considerable dents in working to completing it. I am now on a six week plan of writing. Each week has a different sort of theme, whether it be sound, sight, or some other sense, and a number of prompts within each one. Because of my late start on it, I have combined a few weeks and interchanged some of the prompts. These exercises however, are significant to each other in a numerical order, so I can’t skip ahead or fall behind.

Now that I have finished the art portion of my independent research, I was planning on having a considerable amount more time to complete these writing assignments but I am finding to be almost as badly pressed for time as I was before. I am confident though, that I will be able to complete all of my work in a timely fashion in the few remaining weeks we have left to do this project. Along with that, I thought I would share a small part of one of my exercises. This one had to do with describing the most beautiful or peaceful place I had ever experienced, and this is the first paragraph of that (mind you, it’s only an initial draft):

Dusk clung to the dunes, whisking along a mist that floated on the breeze and engulfed what it touched with unknown shades of gray. The distinctive sound of waves pounding relentlessly against the sodden beach added a sense of rhythm to the surrounding air, lending to the image of a heart beating within a giant living organism. The water shimmered, the faint reflections of the stars just starting to peak out of their daily hiding act. The brisk air smelled of salt, burning the nostrils ever so slightly yet flowing into the lungs with a fresh rush of satisfaction. The picture it creates is one of deep connectivity and understanding, but the sense of wonder that lies beyond the crashing water is ever present. It is a mystery filled expanse of peace.

Thanks for reading!

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