Hard at Writing– By Nate

I want to begin by giving special credit to Isabel for a fantastic performance on Friday.  I too am working towards the end, though with more than one “all-nighter” pushing me along.  I have nearly 75 pages of writing, and another twenty of annotated bibliography, and I have slowly worked my way up to the present times, though now I am adding a part of my essay designed to bring together all the themes I discuss in the sections devoted solely to the history.  I am hoping to publish this paper, and if I do so, I will certainly post its location here.  For now, I want to tease you with another brief excerpt, from the section explaining Assad family power in Syria.

“In many ways, Bashar al-Assad has relied upon the basic strategies Hafez perfected, attempting to feast under the success of his father’s foundation.  Whilst under the control of the al-Assad family, the Syrian regime has relied upon three major support columns that are of the indescribable importance to maintaining the current regime: the Alawites, through intra-Alawite loyalty and dominance of the military and intelligence communities; the Baath party, through their total control of the entire political system; and the international community, both as a result of nations providing the regime critical sustenance and through widespread apathetic tolerance on the international level, keeping pressure off the regime. “

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