Progress Pushed… – by Emma

As I am finding out, college applications and I are not exactly friends. Seeing as they are taking up a good portion of my time at the moment, it seems that my independent work has been pushed to the back burner slightly. I had been so consumed with making everything surrounding my applications perfect that I did not even notice the lack of work I was receiving from my mentor. It took almost two weeks for me to bring it up with her, upon which we both realized that the emails with my assignments had not been going through. I have been working on overdrive to balance all of the things on my plate. Between my schoolwork, my applications, the independent work, and my art class at Tyler, I am finding that the best option for my work is to move my catch up work from my mentor to over our upcoming Thanksgiving break. That way, I will be able to sort through my thoughts and assignments with the extra time, and be back on track by the time school starts again.

On a better note, I am finding that my art class is paying off hugely. It’s been a few months since I’ve picked up any sort of tool or attempted any sort of work, and for some reason it seems as though a breather from my work was just the thing I needed. I am able to approach my work with a calmer mind, thinking through the steps of creating a piece with a determination and clarity. I already have a few strong pieces that I am working on to put into my portfolio, and at the end of this week I will have even more. I look forward to completing my upcoming work and seeing even more improvements in my techniques.

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