The Assembly was a Success! -by Tristen

20131115_141402Finally, after all the planning and coordinating it took to have our Spoken Word assembly, it happened.  The date and time was set, Habeeb and I arrived early to fix up the stage and get each performer ready.  In total, we had 10 performances.  Seven of those performances were made up of students from our Spoken Word Club.  The other three were invited guests.

The performances started with a bang as the first poem was received with thunderous applause.  Everyone was nervous before they came up on stage but each person performed flawlessly.  With the applause growing  as our friends came and left from the stage, I was worried  how our guests would be received.

The first guest was Harve Nichols who is a Westtown alum class of 84′.  The crowd seemed very quiet as he spoke, but I was pleasantly surprised by the loud applause he was given after he read his poem.  The next two performers after Harve were more used to performing and worked the audience very well.  Both of them brought the audience into the piece by using their participation.

The assembly went without a hitch and has created a revitalization of Spoken Word in our community.  Through the experience of planning and executing this assembly, I learned a lot about the process which will help me host similar events in the future.  I am very thankful for each performer for performing and each audience member for being open minded and eager to hear each performer.  The event went much better than we planned and I am very proud of our work.

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