Def Jem Poetry at Westtown: Job Well Done – by Habeeb

Def Jam Poetry at Westtown on November 15th was a success. After the performance I was inundated with a substantial amount of praise and congratulations. After a week of rehearsing, people dropping in and out I was surprised by the good feedback we got from the audience. From the buzz I’m getting about the assembly the last performance by Keith Robertson seemed to resonate with the audience the most. The first part of his performance started off with a spoken word piece, which lead him into rap for the last part of his performance. 

The performers from the spoken word club were proud of the pieces they shared. Its funny to see how they’ve I guess “grown”. Going from nervous to, proud, wanting to perform more; and its only the beginning. Since the performance I’ve gotten requests to have another assembly, which could be possible; stay tuned. For now, its sparked the idea for the spoken word club to host a coffee house where people just come together and listen to spoken word. We’ve gotten such great reception from the community both teachers and students concerning spoken word, its almost surreal.

For now the focus is headed back towards our book. Tristen and I plan to check out the website we had mentioned earlier which would help with self-publishing. Until then we’ll see what happens this week.

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