Turning Point — Shuangcheng

This week is a turning point of my Math Independent Research. After I came back from the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament that was held at Boston last weekend, I have spent more time sitting down and thinking about what Westtown needs in order to achieve higher on the path of mathematics competitions. I have thought more about my role in this case, what I can and should do in order to contribute to the future Westtown Math Teams and math lovers. After considering thoroughly and talking with T. Margaret, I decided to extended my clean energy paper and focus more on math competition preparation experiences and problem solving. Therefore, I would like to do a presentation about my suggestions and vision on math competitions at Westtown.



An exciting news is that our ordered sample books finally arrived. The books are “Art of Problem Solving.” I took the books with me and started to read through. The first book seems basic to me, though I still find it valuable to read and learn. The second book, which I have started to crack within details, seems pretty intense and hard. I have completed the first chapter of the second book, which is relatively familiar and easy to understand. The second book is absolutely useful for math competition preparations at Westtown, for it offers an insight into the topics such as probabilities and number theory with a great amount of details.


In the next two months, I will continue working on math competition works and preparing for my final presentation. I would like to work on these two books with Math Team members during club periods and free time on Saturday.


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