Writing Tips – by Taylor

Every writer needs a few tips here and there, and it just so happens that during the progression of my project, I’ve found a few (or thirty) that have been inspirational to me (Thank you Nathan Bransford!). Here are a few collected from the contest, #FaveWritingTip, hosted by Nathan,  that I’ve found particularly helpful:

“Write. Write poorly, but WRITE.” – Lela Gwenn (Winner of the contest!)

“Learn the rules then break them.” – Robin Connelly

“Fiction Tip: Don’t tell me it’s raining. Show me what it feels like to be standing in the rain.” – Bobbi Dempsey

“Don’t be afraid to go there. Scary writing is good writing.” – Lisa Franek

“It’s not about word count–it’s about writing words that count.” – Linda Kozar

“Write as if you’re writing to a friend you can tell anything.” – Steve MC

“Find a reliable vehicle named VOICE and a road called PLOT and get ready for detours…” – Julie McSorley

“Give each scene a goal, & have it do 3 things: reveal info, illuminate character, move plot forward.” – Rebekah Haskell

For more tips, you can find them here on Nathan’s website: http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2013/11/favorite-writing-tips.html. I hope these work out for you as well as they’ve worked out for me!

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