Mixed Emotions — by Habeeb

We have five days left until the Friday Assembly spoken word club plans to host. Things have been pretty busy. Going into details about the assembly, we have about thirteen or fourteen people performing on friday; a lot more than we thought we would. For a good week we had people step down, and people step up when it came to performing for Friday. As for the people who stepped down, their main reason was because of stage freight. It was weird to see people who were confident in their work, question themselves when the aspect of performing came about.

Since the Assembly is based on experiences with relationships and significant others, a few people in the club became nervous. They felt as if the people they were performing to  would believe that their work is directed to a specific person. With that thought crawling around in their minds I assured them that the audience wouldn’t think that way. I kind of explained the whole point of spoken word. Stressing that its more about the experience you’re sharing rather then the particular person.

It’s obvious a lot of people are nervous, but I’m glad. It’s all a part of spoken word, being able to share an experience or perspective with someone for a better good. I’m looking forward to the reactions of the students in the audience as the Spoken Word club tries to bring Def Jam Poetry to Westtown. With all these mixed emotions we’ll see what this week brings us, as we finalize some of the editing on poems and begin to practice performing.

1 thought on “Mixed Emotions — by Habeeb

  1. margaretjhaviland

    A few thoughts, how do you want the assembly to be assessed and weighted within the context of your entire Independent Study? You and Tristan should create a detailed rubric of the areas and qualities you want to be taken into account. You might even invite a few peers to help with this assessment.


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