Making progress -by Isabel

My performance is in four weeks, and honestly the nerves are mounting. I still have many details of the performance itself to work out and hope to figure those out as soon as possible. In the mean time, however, I am happy to be making good progress.

At my piano lesson this week, I was able to play my Chopin concerto with my teacher. A concerto is typically played with an orchestra, but there is a piano adaptation of this part that my teacher will be playing with me. I have been so focused on learning my part, that I had almost forgotten that we would be playing together! When both my teacher and I sat at two different pianos and began to play together, it was a very moving experience. My playing was enriched and supported by her, just as she has enriched and supported my life as a role model. We both play with our full emotions and I could feel her encouragement through the music and became less worried about messing up the technicalities.

1 thought on “Making progress -by Isabel

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Isabel, lets work on the details of your program. I want it to succeed. Perhaps the group also has a few suggestions and offers to help make your performance a success. Let us know what we can do to help.


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