6 Hour Progress –by Emma

After many months of waiting and working solely on writing, I’ve finally started the fine art component of my independent. I went to my first class in Philly yesterday, at the Tyler School of Art at Temple. It was the first of three, each consisting of six straight hours of work. This first week’s focus was on still lives, the second will be on the figure, and the third will be on portraiture. By the end, I hope to be well on my way to having a well rounded portfolio.

Our first assignment, the still life, was not one I was initially looking forward to. Generally still lives are not my favorite subject, as they usually consist of boring blocks and other dull shapes. However, this was different. My teacher managed to set up a beautiful still life for us to work from, one that really captured the essence of light and form within the various objects. I chose a part of it that consisted of a few eclectic items such as an odd pod plant and an old shoe form. It may sound odd, but that old wooden shoe form captured my attention for most of the class. It’s smooth, round edges caught the light beautifully and made for a wonderful subject. I intend to keep working on that piece outside of class as well.

Because of other course requirements, I have not been able to take an art class this semester. I didn’t realize how much I missed this activity until participating in the class yesterday. I had sort of written it off as something I just did not have time for anymore. Until yesterday I had not realized the extent of the falseness of that thought. Art was alway what had kept me going when school was tough. It was my place for freedom and expression. The place of zen that comes with drawing for hours was something that was missing from my life. It is so significant that the six hours I spent in the studio yesterday flew by in what seemed like just one hour. That is what happens when you are doing something that you love.

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