Looking ahead-Goals – by Chester

At this point of the work, I think there are a few points in the future that are milestones for this project.

1. Finishing the interface for the creating events. Right now, the program’s interface on creating events is not complete. It needs to include when time changes and the update about the teachers list. With the same idea, the interface for editing events needs to have the same feature as well as initialization for the drop-down list.

2. Finishing the weekend interface. The weekend’s interface right now lacks the ability to show what each teacher is doing what at each time. In order to do so, the program needs to include a graphical chart that will be able to show what each teacher is doing.

3. Creating database. When all is finished, the program’s database should be stored somewhere other than the memory like it is right now. It should print out two text files for weekend list and events list. Both of them should be able to be read and edited at anytime.

4. Following T. Paul for a week or more to fully test the program. This step is essential and allows me to see if everything needed in included and what could be done to make it a better program.

One thought on “Looking ahead-Goals – by Chester

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Chester, as we discussed this is an ambitious time line. I wonder what you will learn by following T. Paul? Will he be using your program or are you just needing to make sure you understand his requirements?


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