Dance Performance – by Isabel

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending a musical theater convention called zak-pac. It was an incredible experience in so many ways and I learned so many quality lessons from truly inspirational people. I also got to perform a dance solo and get critiqued. This experience was very valuable as I have never performed a dance solo before. This was the best possible way to release possible nerves in a friendly and supportive environment and receive helpful suggestions. 

I danced “king of thieves” which is my piece that was a group number in my showcase last year that I have modified to fit a solo. I got really into the anger of the character and ultimately felt really good about the performance. They gave me great feedback. I was touched and flattered that a Broadway star that I really look up to told me that I had him riveted from the first 10 seconds and even before I started moving and at the end he clapped for me again saying, “bravo!” It was so sweet of him, and really meant a lot to me. He is not a dancer, however, and the other professionals there gave me more helpful feedback. I learned some technique aspects to be more aware of, as well as making a shift in my emotion throughout the story of the piece and playing with a surprise ending. It was a great experience and has definitely helped me prepare in the best way for my show 🙂

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