Clean Energy Paper – by Shuangcheng

This week overall is a productive week for my math independent research. I have designed an initial structure and direction for my clean energy paper by talking with T. Judy, the Director of Sustainability at our school. Besides, I have put some effort in problem solving in order to get ready for the upcoming Harvard-MIT Math Competition in Boston.

Solar Array

On Monday the 28th, I went to Harrisburg and attended the PA Green and Healthy Schools Workshop with T. Judy. The Workshop itself was a great event by creating a mission and vision for bringing the idea of sustainability into different PA schools. What I learned beyond the fantastic lectures and discussions during the Workshop is data collecting for my second quarter’s math paper about clean energy at Westtown. As every student at Westtown has noticed, our school is purchasing 100% wind energy from the electric company. Therefore, it is crucial for me to involve in the factor of wind energy price on he market in the future years. I was surprised to know that, because of the state policy, our school has been selling our solar energy that are generated by the solar panels on the athletic center. It is then important to also predict the price of solar energy by considering the policy changes in the future years. T. Judy suggested me that I should set up a meeting with our school’s energy consultant Paul Spiegel. I would not only acquire the data for energy reduction of Westtown in the past years, but also be able to ask him about more data of energy cutting of other similar schools according to his experiences. It would be really helpful if I can have those tendencies and then create a model for our own school. 


For this paper, my main goal is to calculate out that whether it is going to be profitable for Westtown to build more solar panels on the other roof of our Athletic Center and even the open space behind the lake. There are certainly some uncertain factors that will bring me some troubles such as using the new science building. I am planning to schedule a meeting with T. Judy and Mr. Spiegel later this month so that I can know more from them.

Another part of my work this week is getting ready for the Havard-MIT Math Competition. I did some practice by myself as well as together with the other students who will go and compete at Boston. Since we were practicing as a team, I was doing problems from the Team Round of the competition. I specifically tried to solve some problems that are related to number theory, since it is the area that I have not studied in school.

Looking ahead to next week, I will keep focusing on the preparation for Harvard-MIT Math Competition.

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