Around the Corner – by Habeeb

OH boy! As the weeks seem to fly by, our assembly date of November 15th is getting closer. For the next week both Tristen and my focus is primarily towards the performance. With a strong number of students from our Spoken Word Club, and outside appearances, things are looking up. During our club meeting on Tuesday students are to present two of their best pieces they plan to perform; as a club we’ll help members narrow it down to one. I’m looking forward to what aspects of relationships, students might focus on through their work. From there, it’s up to both Tristen and me to help kids with performance anxiety; teaching people how to be confident in the work they write, as I had mentioned in my previous blog post. As for myself I look to do a collaboration with two fellow classmates. For this week the goal is to help members of the club establish, and memorize poems they’d be willing to perform, Friday, November 15th.

As for this past week, Tristen and I discovered a self publishing website called Lulu. As we fished around for more information on the website, we discovered that copies would only cost about 4-5 dollars; a lot less than what we initially planned to sell copies of our book for. The website was detailed with information about how to self publish from the website, format of the book, font, etc. As astonished as we were we couldn’t get our hopes up yet. To make sure that this website would be the real deal, Tristen and I decided to make a draft of our book and generate a copy through this website to see the outcome of the final product; a quick trial of some sort.

With the performance for November 15th, and the completion of our book in late December just around the corner, free time we have is crucial. This upcoming week is critical, working with club members, getting some dates set for stage practice, and much more in order to be ready for Friday the 15th. Hopefully all runs well smoothly this week.

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