The Beginnings -by Tristen

Another week along this project and things are starting to look up with a couple major boundaries to be passed soon.  While searching the internet for ways to self publish cheaply and effectively I stumbled upon a website that will publish our book for $4 a book.  This is incredible especially because it means with the little bit of money we are using to start this project off we should be able to make a substantial amount of extra money through the selling of our books.  Also next Friday, November 15, we will be hosting an assembly for the entire school to come see.

This website I found is called Lulu, and is all about self-published books that people can sell online, and get printed copies sent to them.  Habeeb and I found that this might be the most effective way of having our books printed in a high quantity for a low cost.  The effectiveness of this website will make it much easier for us to resupply if we run out of the first batch of copies, and will help us sell the book online for those people that are not close to Westtown.  Once we have a first draft for our book, we plan on editing it all, and printing a couple test copies to see how well made the books will be.  We plan on printing the first few copies in late November, early December.  My hopes are that they will be exactly what we are looking for and will be what we use to make a multitude of copies to start selling to everyone that is willing to buy.  Any money that we make past what we spent to make the books, we will use in two ways.  The first way would be to print more if the interest is high, but the second is my idea, which I believe we both support strongly.  Since Spoken Word has not been as relevant in Westtown in the past years, I would like to use any money that we make extra, to make a small fund for Spoken word artists and the like to come perform for the students at Westtown. I think that this will be another great way to give back to the community with our project.

This next Friday we will use the Spoken Word Assembly to bring more people’s attention to our project, and to raise more awareness for this art form in our society.  Habeeb and I have asked some artists that we met outside of school to come, as well as a recent alumni.  They will all be coming to perform alongside many of the students from our Spoken Word Club.  We want this event to be fun, and for the students to get insight from more experienced artists, but we also believe that it is essential for the students to be able to connect with each performer.  I hope that each student performer’s piece will bring the school as a whole closer in the words of their peers.  The theme for the pieces will be relationships, as they are some of the most important things to reflect on at a school.  I believe that even those that will walk in the door saying they will sleep through the whole thing, will come out of the doors at the end glad they didn’t.

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