Work Interrupted – by Emma

Somehow, I always get sick at the most inopportune times. On the morning of the day of my last night class, I fell ill and spent all day in the health center. Not only did this cause me to miss my final class, but it set me behind in some of my work from the week as well. I am working now to complete my missed assignments, and am confident I will have them done by the end of the weekend. My mentor assured me that by missing my last class I would not see a significant dent in my work, because our outside work was so similar to that which we worked on in the actual night course.

Now that the class is finished, I will return to receiving weekly assignments from my mentor to complete on my own. These probably will not vary much from what I have been doing, but since I am getting more into writing my supplements for college, I hope to use her as a resource for assistance. The most prominent development in my course work however is that I will be starting the art piece of my independent next Saturday!

The main body of this work will consist of me attending a weekend ‘bootcamp’ of a sorts at Tyler School of Art at Temple University. This class will meet every Saturday for three weeks, lasting for six hours each time. This will help me develop a solid portfolio to send as a supplement to colleges, and will provide me with even more experience than I already have. The course work will consist of many types of media, from drawing painting and sculpture to photography and editing. Mostly, I will be focusing on the fine arts side, honing my skills in the areas I prefer. Coming out of the class, I hope to continue to polish my portfolio before I send it to schools in December. All in all, this month will be a fun one!

1 thought on “Work Interrupted – by Emma

  1. margaretjhaviland

    I will be interested to read and hear how you weave the writing and the portfolio creating together. Where will their be tensions, where creative cross overs? How will the disciplines you have begun to develop through your journal writing, blogging and other writing inform your visual arts?


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