Progress Report – by Emma

As my project has gone along, I have learned quite a few things. Many of them were academic, but a few were about myself as well. The entire experience thus far has been enlightening to say the least, and I can’t wait to continue opening new doors for myself through my personal writing and my classes. Although each week’s assignments have not varied to an extreme extent, I do end up learning new things on a weekly basis through them. They have taught me to look at things from angles that I wouldn’t have thought to exist, and allowed me to explore what options I really did have when approaching them.

From an academic standpoint, this course has taught me a number of things. How to draw inspiration from my surroundings, how to look at my work with a more critical eye, but most importantly, how to just write. One of my biggest roadblocks in the past was always just getting the words down on the paper, I would always overanalyze my thoughts, delving into them and picking them apart before they ever got a chance to be something. It kept me from completing work on time, and from writing drafts before submitting a final piece of work. I can’t say that my struggle with this is completely gone, but the exercises and the work that I’ve done in this project has helped me to move that process along.

Putting aside the academia of my independent, the other equally as important factor has been lessons I’ve learned about myself as an individual. Having to write in a journal on a daily basis has allowed me to clear my head and empty my thoughts and feelings onto an empty page. This experience might sound trivial, but it was one that I had not had before. It was one of the first times I had been able to thoroughly sort through my whirlwind thoughts and make sense of what I was really thinking and feeling. These daily journals and writing exercises allowed me to tap into a deeper creative side that I was not aware of before.

As an overall experience, this independent project has been a very different one for me. It is the first time I have had to take on something of this magnitude as an individual endeavor, without the help of many others along the way. I cannot say that I have been without support, but the absence of a previously structured class plan is definitely something new to my academic world. Overall, the course has made me grow both as a student and an individual. I definitely look forward to moving further with the rest of my project, and discovering what it has in store for me.

1 thought on “Progress Report – by Emma

  1. ispring23

    It sounds like a really amazing project, Emma! I took Writing Sem last spring and completely understand the struggles you are facing with writing. It sounds like you’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons. I have always wanted to keep a daily journal and since you have made it such a great experience, I am thinking about trying it too. Though I will probably wait until I’m done with my own independent project. Good luck with the rest of your work!


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