Meeting with Mentor – by Conor


Being now about halfway through the creation of this project, I had a meeting this past week to touch base in person with my project mentor, Norm Robinson. I am basically half way through my writing, having finished  the first segment of my story detailing a boy’s search for identity growing up in a Turkish immigrant family in Berlin. His part of the story ends with him meeting his main love interest, Lisa, whose story is told in the following part.

Lisa’s story exists as somewhat of an opposite to Nehmet’s. Nehmet was born in Germany and for all intents and purposes, considers himself by all accounts to be German despite the fact that externally, everyone perceives him to be an immigrant. Lisa, however, was born to East Germans before the “Wiedervereinigung” or “Reunification” of the two countries. Her parents were staunch believers in Communism and were devastated by the loss of their “homeland.” Externally, no one would question Lisa’s “German-ness” but internally she couldn’t feel more alienated from contemporary German culture, having been raised to believe in the ideals propagated by the East German government. These two paradigms, though disparate in origin, highlight a very real facet of contemporary “German-ness,” a sense of identity that is in many ways still very nebulously defined. 

One thought on “Meeting with Mentor – by Conor

  1. emmagreenspan

    This sounds incredibly interesting! I can’t say that I know too much about German history, but the idea of learning more about it from your story is very intriguing. I would like to know more about the premise of it, such as how they came to meet or how their origins intertwined. Maybe you do address that! I look forward to the possible chance of reading your final outcome.


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