Sports, School and Poetry – by Tristen


With another week of time to write poetry going by comes another week full of school work, important sports games, and required events to fill my time.  This past week I wrote a first draft version of one of the first poems for the book.

After I write my first draft, Habeeb will look it over first.  Once he is done correcting any mistakes and giving suggestions I edit a more final version of the piece.  Then I often send the poem to our advisor, Harve Nichols.  He then repeats the process done by Habeeb.  After receiving a lot of feedback I am able to write a much stronger final draft.  Then Habeeb and I read over it again.  Some poems we have written in this process will not end up in the book, but it is good practice for us to expand our knowledge in writing.  This process creates poems that we find good enough for the book. We will make the final decision on the exact pieces to be included in the book much later on.

Unfortunately with school work and athletics piling up, I am unsure of how much time I will be able to write.  I hope to write at least the start of another piece for our book, and to complete a poem in response to another person’s request for a poem.  With just a little bit to do this week, I can complete another week for this project.

2 thoughts on “Sports, School and Poetry – by Tristen

  1. emmagreenspan

    I can definitely relate to the challenges of timing with school and other commitments interfering with writing. Going to a school like Westtown that has every minute of your day booked can be hard, but I think there is also something to be learned from it especially when taking on these independent projects. Undertaking a class separate form the Westtown schedule is a difficult, almost unheard of thing. However, I think it’s something to grow from. From the looks of it, you are doing a great job with your work though. I can’t wait to read more of your pieces. Good luck!

  2. ispring23

    I also know exactly what you mean. Finding a balance between all of the activities we have to juggle can be difficult. When I do have free time, I often find my mind internally competing for which area to focus on: schoolwork, this project, or giving myself a minute to relax. But I can tell you are working hard at everything and I know your final project will be great. I’m excited to read more of you’re pieces and wish you luck in the rest of this process!


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